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I'd heard sevenstreets was back but didn't dare believe it. Hopefully the days of local government officials threatening legal action against the free word of debate and scrutiny are over.

Events suggest that people had every right to ask difficult questions and criticise. Welcome back, and may many more join you

On the subject of the fountain, I assume it is a complete coincidence that a mystery landmark "water feature" was envisaged to be part of the disastrous Lime Street paving project - the diamante in the degeneration department's hen-do tiara - from the very beginning.

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Very important work you are doing David, shining a light on the sinister mechanisations of developers. There is, of course, a balance to be struck; it is wrong-sighted to say " Old good, new bad" but it is depressingly unimaginative to argue that these awful glass and steel high rises are the only viable shape of progressive development... in the same way that it is to say regeneration can only come through retail. We need a more holistic and forward looking approach to the preservation and regeneration of our cities; an approach that is driven by a genuine, shared wish to make a place better for people to live and work there, rather than a desire to cash in quick then fuck off.

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