I've ran a group called Art Club which is free to all for the last eight years. We meet monthly in various art galleries in Merseyside. We view an exhibition; discuss it where all views are valid & afterwards for those interested we have a coffee & a natter. From this many friendships have formed. However we are waiting for all covid restrictions to end in the galleries before we can start up again. If anyone is interested the best place to find out about us is our Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/art.club.7547/

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Wow. Rent a friend!!! That's a new one on me!

Can't help but notice the number of men on there who will apparently be friends with anyone except gay men... Progress eh?

I'm not sure the friends on show would be value for money. Do they have a money back guarantee?

I think hanging out at coffee shops is a better idea!

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