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I think it's wrong to say that we as a city don't value the space, would rather fill the docks in etc. The carpet baggers that want to build rubbish for the lowest cost and the maximum profit do not represent any of us.

Some do seem to get conned into believing the hype about the latest hum drum development, but I think they are few and far between.

As for everyone else, a lack of aspiration is probably the biggest factor. The present city leadership has done a pretty good job at lowering everyone's expectations. Not to mention smashed the city's prospects of every affording this sort of facility.

Manchester is more likely to get a city centre lido than us, and I bet they'd make it attractive to boot.

The council continue to show a serious lack of interest in doing any real placemaking, no interest in upkeeping of what we've already got, let alone encouraging people to expect better lives.

Finding a way of shorting this, and dealing with the democratic emergency, is I think a prerequisite to anything good happening here.

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Thank you Seven Streets for showing that very few things are unique and little happens in a vacuum. The Baltimore comparison is really pertinent... the problem of course is the age-old one of who pays and until we, or those we elect, are willing to take steps to put people not profit at the heart of proposed redevelopment then outdoor swimming, as well as so many other imaginative, inclusive ideas people have had over the years, is sunk....

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14 docks have been in-filled in Liverpool alone. Now Bramley Moore Dock is being filled in.

Liverpool is becoming and inward looking city. It could be Manchester or Birmingham.

Liverpool has no idea. It does not value what it has. From have the potential to being an Amsterdam it now looking like a Birmingham or Manchester. Pretty sad. No vision, no idea.

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This is wonderful and so fun of good optional ideas. Always the best way to protest about how things are: "We didn’t build the docks. The docks built us."

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