Liverpool: We Know Where You Live.

Remember us? SevenStreets, from the internet? Yeah, we're back. In your inbox.

Hello again.

We cancelled ourselves and took a break - a long break. Well, after we’d paid all our legal fees, lost all our friends, and completed our online primal scream therapy course what else was there to do?

This bloody city. What are we going to do with it? We’ll be asking ourselves that question again, asking you that question, and those who we vote into power that question. 

What’s our agenda? Same as it was five years ago: to get involved. Because if we don’t, all of us, just look around you and see what happens. 

Here’s the reality: we got sick of the internet.

We loved doing it, and turning SevenStreets into a print magazine too, but the stress of keeping on top of the most-read blog in the North West – nah, we’ve no clue how that happened either – took a hit on our health. The constant worrying about ads, traffic, social media and legal action from whatever shady property developer we slagged off that week was too much. And seeing the horrifying stuff other local media have to resort to keep the lights on (see: the Echo’s daily stories on Home Bargains), we just knew we had to get out, and fast. It just wasn’t a laugh anymore.

But since we were around the first time, the way we all want to read stuff feels slower, more considered, less about fighting for attention. And that’s how stories and discussion, in a place like Liverpool, blossom the best.

This city region’s not short of headlines and clickbait, of gossip and smear, but we want to dig a little deeper again, to find the real story. Because they're out there, still. But no-one's telling them.

So we’ll be in the form of an email newsletter for now, only posting articles when we’ve got something to say. We’ll be digging up some amazing stuff from our archive too. Post-lockdown, we’re all reconnecting with this place – and ourselves – in new and interesting ways, and part of all that is figuring out what we’re passionate about again. There’s room for many different voices.

It’s good to be back, refreshed, and we hope you’re as excited as we are. If you’d like to read us, subscribe below and follow us on Twitter. If you really like our writing, you can tip us to keep us in caffeine and Merseyrail off-peak day passes.

See you soon.